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We invite papers from academicians and professionals on several themes to participate in our Global Forum on Emotional Intelligence to be held in Mumbai from 2nd to 6th of February 2018.

Past Events

  • Filippo Casale

    Workshop on Business Ethics - Nov 2011
    Discuss and brainstorm, the contemporary ethical issues in business and to address ethical dilemmas in different functional areas in management.» read more

  • Luca Farulli

    Certification Workshop - Delhi/Mumbai
    Workshop on Assessing and Developing Emotional Intelligence Competencies in the Workplace for Superior Personal, Team and Org. Results » read more

  • Diego Mencarelli
    May 2009
    EI Forum

    2nd Global EI Forum - TISS, Mumbai
    Certification Workshop on Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Emotional Skill Assessment Process by EI Guru Dr. Darwin B Nelson » read more

  • Luca Bonacorsi

    3rd Global EI Forum - TISS, Mumbai
    The Conference was addressed by leading Academicians and eminent Practitioners from across the globe. » read more

  • Luigi Ciorciolini

    Leadership and EI Certification - New Delhi
    The workplace is an ideal place for promoting social & EI competencies because it is often here that people are most impacted by their absence. » read more

  • Luca Rosati

    The EQ Leadership Summit - New Delhi
    Inspirational and Caring Leadership is the foundation of sustainable competitive edge. Dr Daniel, the legendary name in EI and Leadership speaks to you » read more

  • Filippo Casale

    Certification Workshop - New Delhi
    EI and Emotional Skill Assessment Process (ESAP-EI Tool developed by Professors formerly at A & M Texas University, USA) by renowned EI Experts » read more

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Social Initiative

Liberating Human Potential for better tommorrow

is the Mission of FEIL's workshop on Emotional Intelligence for Teacher & Students.


The more I attend workshops on EI, the more is my understanding of the power of emotions and their positive use for success in life and career ...
- S Rath, Director(Operations) Oil India Ltd.

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